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Share deep human connection

Too often our world is labeled as a cold and impersonal place lacking in opportunities for human connection – Youpendo is here to change that. 

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How does Youpendo work?

Step 1: Get inspired

You are presented with a set of personal questions aiming for a vulnerable and honest answer.

What is a paper plane?

Paper Planes are answers to personal questions that you share in the form of snaps with new people around the word.

Our Why

To empower people to share deep human connection and vulnerability, a side you don’t usually see on social media.


Youpendo allows people to answer personal questions and discover the responses of others in the form of paper planes. 

The replies can vary from really deep, and emotional, to funny and just honest.

What is your Giver Score?

"The secret to living is giving" - Tony Robbins

Discover who you really are at your core with this free 3-min Personality Assessment. Understand how your Giverscore  affects your everyday experiences with others to help you live a more authentic and meaningful life.