Join us on our mission

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Impact new people around the world,
one paper plane at a time.

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What is a paper plane?

Paper planes are heartwarming messages in form of snaps from people around the world. 

1. Send a paper plane

Record a short video and send it to new people around the world

Why use Youpendo

Youpendo has one mission: To prove that you can trust strangers in this world full of givers. 

Where does the name Youpendo come from?

Plain and simple: Upendo = Love in Swahili

What is Your Giverscore?

The secret to living is giving - “Tony Robbins”

Discover who you really are at your core with this free 3-min Personality Assessment. Understand how your Giverscore  affects your everyday experiences with others to help you live a more authentic and meaningful life.