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Experience true human connection.

Share and discover authentic & imperfect moments with new people around the world.

🇩🇪 Isa

Frankfurt, Germany

“My drawing isn't good enough for Instagram. But I can share it on Youpendo. Youpendo isn't about how pretty my drawing is but how I felt when drawing it.”

Built for authenticity.

“To be truly authentic and vulnerable, I need someone who is very close or very distant”. 

Youpendo is a safe place where you can interact with strangers from around the world. 

Designed for

social-well being.

It isn't another feed.

Conscious design focused on connection instead of instant gratification.

Encourage vulnerability.

Open up, have a dialogue and share true connection.

Rediscover the “social” in social media.

Too often our world is labeled as a cold and impersonal place lacking in opportunities for human connection – Youpendo is here to change that. 

What is your Giver Score?

"The secret to living is giving" - Tony Robbins

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